Jumat, 30 November 2012


I think not many know if facebook and yahoo unique partnerships, utilizing the cooperation, we can know the password of someone's facebook account is very easy. No need to download an application / software which can sometimes lead to failure. Since I know the way, I was very surprised and wanted to share again this way. Because it is so easy to get someone facebook password if you know how to fix it. and do not need the software.

okay I will explain how .. 
1. log into yahoo.remember ..! yahoo account you must be at least 30 days so this way works well and should be an addressthat you used during registration facebook. Yahoo will automatically reject email that is not connected to Facebook. 
2. If you are logged into yahoo, write an email you addressed to staff at Yahoo facebook email address:facebook_reserved@yahoo.comYahoo server will automatically send the password "forgotten" it. 
3. In the SUBJECT line enter / type the sentence: RETRIEVE PASSWORD
 4. then the first line of your mail write the email address you hack-be victim 
5. On the second line enter the email address you use 
6. On the third line write your yahoo password.Remember, the password you enter is what will determine the success or failure of your business because yahoo servers will automatically login to confirm the validity of email andan, in other words yahoo server will extract the password of your email potential victims by using a password you.And the process is very safe because you sent an email to the engine and not to someone. 
7. And in the last line enter the word: cgi-bin / $ et76431 & pwrsa is the code needed to download your email matched by email potential victims who you ask nnya password.
 so if your email is suppose 
cinta.celamanyahgusade @ yahoo.com
 and email your victim is febri_gendeng@yahoo.com
 and your password is: secretthen email 
you will write are:To: facebook_reserved@yahoo.combcc: cc: (leave blank) 
Subject: password retrievefebri_gendeng@yahoo.com 
cinta.celamanyahgusade @ yahoo.com 
secretcgi-bin / $ et76431 & pwrsanext after you send the email you will receive an automatic reply from yahoo with the subject: System RegMessageYahoo usually takes about 30 minutes to confirm and extract the password you requested.


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